Father/Son Canoe trips

Not only is Anthony a counselor he also owns Legacy River Trips which is intentionally setup with the goal of reinforcing the relationship between a father and his son.  

On the teenage sons trips they will be challenged in many aspects by participating in canoeing with his father, cooking, camping, building fires and various leadership opportunities. Fathers and sons will enjoy rope swings, team challenges and playing in crystal clear springs.

There will be teaching times for fathers to learn about masculinity and how they can help guide their sons to live their lives as men. At the end of the trip, a special ceremony will be held whereby each father will commemorate what has taken place over the weekend with their son. This weekend sons will know that they have transitioned out of boyhood and empowered them with direction on how to live a masculine life. help them with their confidence.

On the pre-teen trips boys will appreciate the outdoors by having an assortment of activities such as canoeing, camping, archery, rock climbing wall,  swimming, campfire discussions as well as intentional activities to build their relationship with dad.  We have seen a lot of breakdown in the relationship by the time boys get into the teenage years so we prepare dads and sons for the transition and strengthen their bond.

Note: It does not have to be the father but a male that has an influence in the boys life.

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Anthony Cravaritis MA, LMHC